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We all want to belong. We want to know that we fit in somewhere. I want to encourage you to be patient. The right community will come along when you are probably least expecting it.

Whatever your interest may be, start seeking out the different groups surrounding that desire. There is something out there for you.

Even in the writing community, there are a variety of groups to choose from. Many people belong to critique groups, others to book clubs, and still others attend every writing conference. There is a never-ending list of online groups.

When looking for that special connection:

  1. Determine exactly what you are looking for.

  2. Do your research. Each group may have its own rules and requirements. Read up on them. Find out if anyone else you know is part of something similar and get their feedback.

  3. Reach out and connect with them. Go all in and give it your best effort so that you can give that group a fair assessment. It is not fair to them if you give it a half-hearted attempt and then say that it didn't work out.

  4. Find a group that is encouraging, that will come along side you and spur you on to do your best. Be willing to accept constructive criticism for the sake of learning to be better at your craft.

  5. Enjoy the experience! You will know when it is the right one!


If you love to see progress in your writing and want to challenge yourself, Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up and starting July 1. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing month. It is a free online challenge. For the camp, you can set your own goals in word count, page count, or number of hours spent writing. You will see the chart grow as you enter your daily accomplishments. It is a lot of fun. You can connect with other virtual "cabin mates" if you choose to.

This will be the last camp before the big November challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month. Yes, people actually do it!

There is also a camp in July. These are the three months that I really focus on my own writing and take a break from my editing projects.

You can sign up here: . They also have a young writer's program. You can find that at .

They have great items in their online store as well that will serve you well in your writing along with some fun apparel. Team up with a friend and get something to inspire you. My friend and I take turns buying each other t-shirts and coffee mugs that go with the camp theme. Make it fun!

Until next time, write on!


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