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Lessons learned are lessons forwarded as author JoEllen Claypool makes the most of every opportunity in a variety of genres. 

Books   All of JoEllen's books can be found at JoEllen Claypool: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

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In these delightful journals, the author weaves thoughts and writing tips throughout the 52 quotes and prompts. The exercises invite the writer to share their ideas and refine their writing skills in a variety of areas. A bonus section (Hook, Line, and Sinker) is added at the end from the Creative Authors' Workbook-Journal assisting the writer in developing a good hook for the beginning of a book, building solid sentences and paragraphs within the chapters, and creating an ending that leaves the reader wanting more! All three journals contain the same content but the covers were designed to appeal to men, women, and children.

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Follow Me Hummingbird will fill you with facts about this incredible little bird that is able to do great big things!

Truth in Troy Valley introduces you to The Triumphant Trio, Luke Tyler, his sister, Angie, and “Tiny” Collins.  Luke and Tiny have been friends for years.  With no secrets between them, Luke has to muster up all his courage when Tiny goes missing.  Nine-year-old Angie sets out to prove that dynamite comes in small packages and shows her brother that she’s more of a help than a hindrance.

Secret adventures lead to facing fears, building character, and forming bonds. Even an angry bull cannot stand in the way of accomplishing a most important task.


Bullies are never fun to deal, with and Luke has already had one run-in with them. His friend, Tiny, doesn’t seem to be afraid of them, and his sister, Angie, just wants to introduce them to Jesus. But when Angie goes missing, many emotions are stirred inside Luke’s heart.  He has a hard time forgiving and a harder time accepting the heart change that everyone else is seeing in the bullies.


Boldness and kindness are two important ingredients when it comes to forming new friendships. Join the Triumphant Trio as they learn what it takes to have Faith in Troy Valley.


The Triumphant Trio has a mystery to solve. Trouble is stirring in Troy Valley. All evidence is pointing to Luke, Tiny, Angie, and their new friends causing them to question each other’s loyalty. As Pastor Joe teaches them about the armor of God, they learn the importance of being prepared at all times. The fair is in town. This provides the perfect opportunity for the friends to create clever ways to work together and gather evidence of their own. They are determined to find the real culprit. Join The Triumphant Trio and their friends as they practice Loyalty in Troy Valley.


The Battle For Christmas  Santa doesn’t receive much company. When he does, he is eager to please. Imagine his delight when he encounters two visitors in his home. Tom Turkey and Pete Pumpkin are found lurking in Santa’s workshop, but are their motives pure?

Children and adults alike can have fun with all of the LEFTS that are RIGHT in this book…or all of the RIGHTS that are LEFT. You can incorporate it into learning time, game time, or anytime!

Are You on the Verge of a Spiritual Heart Attack? Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Holy Spirit Earns Top Ratings for Heart Surgery! This was an actual newspaper heading discovered when preparing to write this book and perfect for the topic at hand. Learn about the similarities between physical heart surgery and spiritual heart surgery as we discuss the pre-op, during, and post-op procedures of each. Many times we can neglect our spiritual condition long enough that our hearts become weak and “disease” can start to take over. We need to trust that God, our Great Physician, can help us with the problem by performing spiritual heart surgery. We have to come to the point of acknowledging that we have a condition and give consent for this life-changing surgery. Do not waste another minute! Give consent today!

In The Secrets Behind the Eyes, JoEllen Claypool explores the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion. She weaves in her own story and struggle with Post Abortion Syndrome to provide a better understanding of the aftermath of this choice. The author challenges the reader to take the time to look behind the eyes of the people they meet stating, “There are many people who cross our paths, whose lives have been affected by abortion. If you could find the combination to the safe behind those eyes, you could enter a dimension that nobody has ever visited.” There are countless hurting people entangled in the chains of their past that are aching to be set free.


The information in this book will enable the reader to help in that healing process. The Secrets Behind the Eyes also offers hope to those who have been through this experience and are anxious to live a life without condemnation. Leviticus 26:13b states “I broke the bars of your yoke and enabled you to walk with your heads held high.”


This book will help post-abortive women understand that they are not alone. It will supply them with confidence and boldness to speak up and tell their own story so that even more lives can be saved.

Creative Authors’ Workbook-Journal is a writing course designed to lead you down this exciting journey of authorship. The step-by-step process is intended to help you begin and publish your book with confidence. Allow this 214 page workbook to motivate, ignite and complete your writing dreams.

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Who doesn't need extra cash? Sometimes we don't realize that the opportunity for making extra money is right in front of us. Zone in on your talents, skills, and knowledge and determine how to use them to bring in extra income. You have something unique to offer!

A Realist's Guide to Being a Pastor's Wife  JoEllen Claypool…. a  Christian woman always wondering where her place was in the body of Christ. A situation appears and she sees it as an opportunity to serve God in a way she never has before – as a pastor’s wife.

Little did she know, there would be a cost involved.  She would learn to be stretched beyond her comfort zone and would face rejection, invasion and bitterness.  She fell into the self-pity-I’m-a-victim-nobody-else-matters-it’s-all-about-me trap. It was a deep one that was difficult to climb out of, but as she gained the strength to do so, she began learning what her role was in the ministry. JoEllen had to learn to set boundaries and find a balance between being a help meet, a homeschooling mom and a pastor’s wife and discover how to serve and protect her husband. 

Through this journey you will see how the Holy Spirit did heart surgery on her and brought her to a place of repentance where blessings would abound. 

Included are interviews with other pastors’ wives revealing their own heartfelt thoughts. In this behind the scenes view, you will be reminded that communication is the key to get through the many unforeseen events that can come your way in the ministry and life in general.

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