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Say, "No!" to Writer's Block

I had a thrilling moment as an author and a homeschooling mom one day as I was reading over a report my son had written. I was complimenting him on his paragraph structure and grammar. His response was, "I'm doing a lot better than I thought I was going to fer shizzy". Hearing the words “fer shizzy” come out of his mouth took me off guard and made me laugh.

We returned to the paper and I pointed out that there were a couple times that he used three full lines to scream the word "Noooooooooooo..." He admitted that he would insert that into the story line when he would encounter writer's block. That was my thrilling moment. Like mother like son; I don't believe in writer's block. He has heard me rant about that before. You should never have to worry about experiencing writer’s block. Just write something. He chose to write the word “Noooooooooooo” until something else came to him. Good for him.

When you can’t think of anymore to write on a certain project, move on to another project. You can write a poem, start a short story, jot down random thoughts, or make a grocery list, but WRITE SOMETHING. I have discovered something about my own self. I was in a group one time where the facilitator would show a picture and we had to write a story about it. I would have that picture in my mind and think for days about what to write. I decided to just sit down at the computer. I pulled up a new document and all of a sudden my fingers started flying over the keyboard as if each fingertip had a brain of its own. Within fifteen minutes, I had written my story and submitted it.

Sometimes, we overthink things. You can always go back and edit. Your first draft is not going to be perfect so just write something. Don’t trip yourself up. You can’t edit a blank piece of paper. Happy writing!

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